Name of the Company : SLVG Inc.
Website :
State :Delhi
Country: India

Detail of Product :
Name of Product :Conluence Operating System

Product/Industry Category:

Brief Description Of Your Product/Service :
Linux has been powering super computers and servers worldwide, so there comes another linux to power the PC of the common Indian, basically developers.It is a 32 bit Linux based Operating System, which runs on GNOME’s latest version! Conluenceâ„¢ is the latest 32bit Operating System built on Linux. It is an OS specially crafted for developers of any field and comes with pre installed development softwares like C++, Java, Python,etc.Like every Linux based OS Conluenceâ„¢ is also Open Source and can be downloaded free of cost.

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?
My product is easy to operate and has an outstanding GUI.

What Is The Need In The Market And How Does It Serve The Requirement?
the need is for the big companies to power their servers and office computers. It serves the requirement well as it supports almost all the softwares and serves the specifications well.

What Is Your Target Segment?
Businesses, Programmers, Nerds, Developers, etc.

What Is The Technology application Being Used?
Conluence uses Linux Kernel with all the development needs .

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue?

What Is The Proposed Business Model?
Conluence has no business model yet!

Your Future Vision For The Company :
Conluence should reach every person and benefit all the people, developers and businesses.

What Are Your Expected Take Aways From eIndia 2011?
Sponsorers to keep up the research and launch better versions as well as power offices and SMB’s.

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