SLS Energy

Name of the Company: SLS Energy
City: Vitthal Udhyognagar
State: Gujarat
Country: India

Details of Product:
Product Name: eCOMMANDER

Product/Industry Category: HOME AUTOMATION

Brief Description Of Your Product/ Service:

  • eCommander is an in-home energy controller that helps the residents as well as utility providers to monitor and control the energy usage.
  • eCommander is a smart energy manager that utilizes the smart grid and smart metering technology from Echelon. It makes you aware of the energy usage and helps you reduce its cost with just a touch!
  • It shows the daily, weekly and monthly consumption in terms of cost as well as energy. This way you can be watchful about energy utilization.
  • One can set up their own targets for energy consumption. This way one can save money, reduce the carbon footprint and ultimately help protect the environment.
  • One can receive weather forecasts for the entire week.
  • It also allows to manage the energy remotely via smart phones and tablets as they easily sync with eCommander.
  • One can schedule the appliance turn off when away from home.
  • One can track the energy usage for one year and see how much is saved! The best part is, everything works on the existing power-line communication – NO REWIRING required!

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?
Existing energy meters are just display devices that inform the residents about the energy consumption.  There are no devices in the market that perform two way communication (home appliances to meter and meter to utility company).  eCommander is one of its kind that helps both the entities to keep track of the energy consumption.  Along with this, it also has various applications like weather information, clock, photo viewer (upcoming) and many more that make this device much more than the energy manager.  It is designed to play a major role in today’s smart homes.

What Is The Need In The Market And How Does It Serve The Requirement?
The utility companies today are very much concerned about the use of energy and are in the need of a medium that would help them in energy management and sharing.  Residents on the other hand, are interested in reducing energy bills and contributing towards an eco-friendly environment.  eCommander in conjunction with Smart Grids serve the purpose.

What Is Your Target Segment?
Utility companies would adopt this solution and  provide them to their customers as a value-add to their service.

What is the Technology application being used?
Embedded hardware and software conceptualized and developed by SLS Energy.

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue?

Your Future Vision For The Company
SLS Energy is geared towards developing and deploying products that bridge the SmartGrid and SmartHomes worldwide using power line and WiFi communication that interoperate with SmartPhones and Tablets. The company is working towards a complete ecosystem of devices for the new generation eco-friendly families that prefer to stay informed about their energy usage.

What Are Your Expected Take Aways From eINDIA 2011?
We are interested in increasing awareness about the company and technology  in India.  Indian companies and authorities should be aware of the technical expertise in companies like us.  We would prefer having our own country benefit from our innovation rather than other countries.

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