MyClassboard Educational Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the Company: MyClassboard Educational Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
City: Hyderabad
State: Andhra Pradesh
Country:  India
Primary Shareholders Of The Company: Ajay Sakhamuri Chandra, S Pemmasani

Details Of Product: 
Product Name: MyClassboard Fully Online School Management System
Product/Industry Category: Education ERP and Learning Management Systems

Brief Description Of Your Product/Service:
MyClassboard Fully Online School Management System is an out-of-the-box web-based School Management System that can be deployed for single schools or groups of schools without the need for a great deal of configuration. The application has a vast amount of built-in functionality and can handle everything including student records, elementary and secondary report cards, fee collections, daily and period attendance, timetable scheduling, picture ID cards, budgeting and accounting needs, admissions, library, learning management, online examinations, transport management and much more. The parent and student portals provide detailed information on attendance and other data which is very relevant in today’s “transparency in education” environment. MyClassboard is the fastest-growing, most widely used Fully Online School Management System supporting more than 1000 schools and 600,000 students across India and Africa. We have a well renowned name globally in the education sector, our various educational products namely ,, assist more than 2million students and educators worldwide.

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?
MyClassboard is the fastest-growing, most widely used Fully Online School Management System supporting more than 1000 schools and 600,000 students across India and Africa. Highlight features of MyClassboard Online College Management System: 1. Personalized login portals for all stake holders (Parents, Teachers, Students, Principal, Financial officer etc.) 2. Excellent E-learning capabilities (View high quality educational videos, take online tests, download assignments etc.) 3. Automated SMS and Email connectivity (Impress parents by regularly updating them about their wards progress via SMS) 4. Extensive Reporting Features (Export all reports in Excel, Pdf etc.) and much more…

What Is The Need In The Market And How Does It Serve The Requirement ?
MyClassboard is a Fully Online School Management System that can completely automate, streamline and centralize all the academic and administrative processes of an educational institution and MyClassboard helps in completely revolutionizing the functioning of an educational institution.

What Is Your Target Segment ?
School Education and Higher Education

What Is The Technologyapplication Being Used?
The application is completely built on Microsoft technologies – .net is the front end and SQL Server is the database

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue?

What Is The Proposed Business Model ?
The school pays a monthly subscription fee for the usage of MyClassboard services.

Your Future Vision For The Company:
To be the most widely used school administrative software in Schools and Colleges across the world!

What Are Your Expected Take Aways From Eindia 2011?
Best and the fastest growing technology startup

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