Mobisir Technologies Private Limited

Company Name : Mobisir Technologies Private Limited
Company Website :
City: Karnataka

Primary Shareholderss Of The Company : Founder- M Guru ,
Co-founders – K C Venugopal , Balaji Kutty, Balaji Srinivasan, G S  Srinivasan, Anu Mathur Seed investors

Product Name : Mobile learning platform for the following:

  1. mXams : Assessment and test preparation
  2. Language Learning : pilots withresearchers  educators
  3. Distance Learning : pilot with universities

Product/Industry Category : Mobile learning solutions for education institutions (under the category “Best technology solutions for Education Institutions”).

Brief Description Of Your Product/Service :
Our mobile technology platform  provides access to learning and education content to people through mobile. Our mobile application is targeted at students and  our platform deployed on the cloud is targeted at educators (teachers and content providers) and  students.Through our application, we are pioneering the effort towards m-education with our self- learning products. Our platform runs on J2ME compatible phones and android phones.

We have currently 3 mlearning products at different stages of  development:
Product 1 : Test preparation : mExam – Launched Version 3.0 on 1 November 2011. Our marquee clients today include Prime Academy for CA coaching and Brilliant Tutorials for IITJEE/ AIEEE coaching.
Product 2 : Language learning :  Being pilot tested with Pratham Foundation and Premji Foundation
Product 3 : Distance education : Being pilot tested. Partnered with Annamalai University for running certificate courses.
Features of mXams include:

  1. Content Store: Content is separate from the application and can be  downloaded on-demand ;
  2. Self -diagnostic Tests as well as exams
  3. Short Notes for self learning
  4. Supports  maths and chemistry symbols
  5. Multi-language support
  6. Audio capability for language learning
  7. Scores can be sent to server
  8. Generates Ranks
  9. Ask expert
  10. Rich Dashboard for  educators

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?
The entire concept of m-learning is novel and innovative, both in India and internationally. Our solutions and business are unique in trying to get the student community to adopt a new technology and to enable it to use the mobile for education. Specific features that make our product and technology unique :

  1. Content Store : enables download of  learning material on demand.
  2. Hybrid connection model: use GPRS to download content and not to run the application, resulting in low operational costs for the student.
  3. Authoring tool: provide a web based publishing platform to build content targeted at both j2me phones and android phones.
  4. Our solution works on Java phones (which constitute the lower end of phones) and Androids since we want our solutions to be accessed by a  mass market, not just high end users.

What Is The Need In The Market And How Does It Serve The Requirement ?
Mobile learning enables students with “anytime, anywhere learning” and if adopted, can benefit the entire student community especially students in Tier II and III cities and rural India where access to coaching institutes, schools, colleges is limited. Mobile learning , as our technology propagates, entails very minimal operational costs for the student, unlike e-learning which requires PC access and good internet connectivity ( requiring high capital / operational costs for students).

Advantages to customers / partners who are content providers include:

  1. A paperless assessment system with real time assessment and diagnosis ,
  2. Multi language content for exam preparation, short notes, language learning.
  3. They can reach out to a much larger student base especially in rural and Tier 2 cities who currently have limited access to coaching/ education.

What Is Your Target Segment ?
Our business targets
A) content providers who include:
1. Test preparation and Assessment services : a)Educators and test coaching companies, b)Universities and colleges, and c) schools.
2. Language Teaching institutes and NGOs
3. Distance Learning Universities and Colleges

B) students : We also approach universities and colleges to talk to students directly and encourage adoption of our technology.

What Is The Technologyapplication Being Used?
MobiSir platform has three distinct layers . The mobile platform works as a front end to our product where the content can be downloaded from the back end web server. The content is created using a LMS . The server and LMS  reside in a cloud where the content provider can use the LMS to input the content and use the web server to publish them.

The content is well protected using encryption and compression mechanism  The product is built using open source technologies (e.g. LAMP stack – Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP).

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue? :

What Is The Proposed Business Model:
We are a mobile aggregation platform for educational content providers. We partner with providers of educational content to provide a catalogued “content store” to students to deliver learning content on the mobile.
In the current phase of the launch, we are partnering with content providers as well as promoting our technology directly to students at universities and colleges. We have met with success in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai markets with over 10 customers/ partners across our products.
Our revenue model : We charge content providers either on a “per student” basis or on a revenue share basis. When we have a sufficiently large content base and subscriber base, we will explore partnering with telecom service providers to widen our reach.

Your Future Vision For The Company :
Our vision is  to make high quality learning content available to a billion of students at affordable costs and break the digital divide in community using the mobile. We see the mobile as an affordable education delivery device that can penetrate urban, semi-urban and rural markets and offer multi-language content to students for teaching and self-learning. Our mission is to see every student in india and overseas use the mobile as a complement education tool.

What Are Your Expected Take Aways From eINDIA 2011 ?
We see the eIndia 2011 as a very important platform for showcasing our mobile learning solutions to potential stakeholders i.e. policymakers, government bodies, investors, educators and our end-consumer students. It is equally useful for exchange of cutting edge ideas , solutions and experiences. Specifically, at this stage of development of our start-up, we are hopeful that our nomination will draw the interest of angel investors / VCs.

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  1. Venugopal says:

    Great to be with Mobisir…the future is with Mobisir technologies product offerings

  2. Venugopal says:

    Mobisir has a great technologies that will reach both rural and urban area of India that can educate all classes of our society. This will enhance the quality of education at an affordable cost.

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