LinkSmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the Company: LinkSmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
State: Karnataka
Country: India
Primary Shareholders Of The Company: Vandana Anand, Shirish Goyal

Details Of Product:
Product Name: smartDNA – Content Verification

Product/Industry Category: Security and Insider Threat Protection

Brief Description Of Your Product/Service:
Tamper detection technology using smart labels and purpose-built scanners. Illustrating for logistics domain, once the smartDNA labels are applied on surface of a shipment, our scanner can prove that shipment has been opened or not during transit. Similarly, vaulted asset has indeed not been tampered, document confidentiality is intact or tamper-evident seals have not been circumvented by insiders/outsiders.The integrity of the shipment can be tracked centrally with complete supply chain visibility, threat model analysis and additional source of revenue by offering it as a premium value added service for end-customers.

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?
Need of the markets:
Key innovation is about unique security technology which is insider threat protected for mass market applications. Our solution addresses the threat models of niche applications wherein insider connivance is root cause of intrusion and hence it requires security beyond “what you know” (pin, password), “what you have”(barcode, RFID, hard token), “who are you” (biometrics’).

smartDNA technology has been recognized as top innovation by joint panel of University of Texas (Austin), Lockheed Martin, DST, IUSSTF and FICCI. It has also got letter of recommendation from two general insurance companies of India for considering it as evidence for claim investigation in concealed loss.”

What Is The Need In The Market And How Does It Serve The Requirement?

Need of the markets:
a) To detect concealed loss and prove that claimed loss has indeed happened during transit or not
b) Establish accountability between point of packaging , point of transit and point of delivery
c) To mitigate insider threats in physical security, storage and logistics

smartDNA technology offers:
a) Techno-legal evidence of pilferage/intrusion into physical shipment for hassle-free insurance claim investigation.
b) facility to detect concealed loss where the shipment looks intact but the pilferage has already taken place
c) Counters insider risks and threats for mass markets like logistics, storage and security
d) Establish originality and completeness of the shipment
e) Supercedes existing technologies like RFID, Barcode, Holograms in security

What Is Your Target Segment?
Applicable domains are high value logistics, high value asset vaulting, confidential record management, tamper-evident applications with automated detection, pharma anti-counterfeiting, oil pilferage detection, high-end electronic warranty management

What Is The Technologyapplication Being Used?
Tamper detection using smart labels and scanners (a patent pending technology in insider threat protection and content verification)

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue?

What Is The Proposed Business Model?
LinkSmart will remain E2E solution owner in form of small group in ownership of its intellectual property. LinkSmart has already signed initial agreements with global vendors to productize its IP and extend post-sales support in multiple geographies. LinkSmart will remain the front-end  for its customers and industry verticals, maintaining its niche and leveraging our strategic partners’ strength to address our clients in mass markets.

Your Future Vision For The Company :

  1. To educate the industry domains facing insider threat issues about smartDNA technology and its impact.
  2. To integrate the existing technologies with merits if smartDNA to further enhance the company’s product portfolio
  3. To expand to multiple geographies outside India

What Are Your Expected Take Aways From Eindia 2011 50 Words

  1. Networking with the IT industry captains
  2. Business Mentoring and Attracting investment in our business
  3. Business opportunities

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