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Name of the Company : InOpen Technologies
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City :Mumbai
State :Maharashtra
Country: India

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Name of Product : Computer Masti

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Brief Description Of Your Product/Service :
The inception of Computer Masti (CM) has come about at a critical juncture when there was a visible need for a standard Computer curriculum, trained teachers and quality instructional material. ‘Masti’ is a Hindi word meaning fun and CM considers fun as an important element of learning Computers. Computer Masti is a collaborative product of IIT Bombay and InOpen Technologies.CM is designed as a content-service solution to teach computer science in schools. The content is presented in a story format through two children, Tejas and Jyoti having a conversation with Moz who is conversant with computers. CM adopts a constructivist pedagogical approach, which encourages the characters to keep asking questions, and to explore on their own. The content apart from teaching the computer literacy skills, also teaches others concepts like stepwise thinking and logical reasoning. These skills lay both the foundation for future programming skills as well as help students develop important life skills considered as skills of the 21st century.

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?
Computer Education for Schools in India mostly happen through:

  1. Book Publishers (Navneet, Oxford ,and other publishers)
  2. Hardware Vendors (who supply Hardware for Schools and also council them for books and curriculum to be followed
  3. Small Vendors to whom Schools outsource their Computer education.
  4. Large Players in ICT who also teacher Computers (Educomp, NIIT, etc) Computer Masti is strong research based curriculum in comparison to the regular book publishers. We are more credible than small and local vendors. Product coming directly from IIT Bombay is also perceived strongly. We are definitely not competing with large vendors but trying to be a strategic partner with them.
  5. The differentiating factors are primarily our content.  We have powerful content. The whole content is written in child friendly manner. The content is woven in story format where we have developed 3 characters. The 3 characters converse with each other to learn Computers. We again have used context used in other subjects to teach Computers. It is technically called Reverse thematic integration. The other strong point is affordability.  The whole curriculum uses FOSS as underlying architecture. Schools get the advantage of low cost. Our biggest advantage is our ability to customize the curriculum for each and every school which signs up with us. We strongly believe that no 2 schools are same and one size does not fit all in Education Sector.

What Is Your Target Segment?
On the School side we target k-12. Various government projects are also undertaken which target people of different ages and who have different requirements for IT Literacy.
We have:

  1. IT Nipun which is an eLearning content for teaching basic computer skills.
  2. Advanced technical content on topics such as hardware and networking for BPL youth, dropouts. We lay a lot of emphasis on understanding the education needs of audience and contextualize the content according to their background.

What Is The Technology application Being Used?
Free and Open Soucre Applications in educational domain.

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue?

Your Future Vision For The Company :
InOpen, IIT Bombay to be considered as a World Class Content Generation and Teacher Training Company. The company is expected to reach to 1million students by 2013. The simplicity of our solutions addressing the complex and underlying problems of academia is our strength, justifying our tag line…adding simplicity to sense.

  • We intend to supply the highest quality of content and Training in all major subjects for schools. We will use our customer experience to reach our vision.
  • Launch CM 2.0( A Comprehensive Web based learning experience which will use the power of CM tutorial logic, software’s and assessment under one single platform.) Bring the same learning experience on web by combining learning, practice and assessment on the same page.
  • CM in all Major Indian and foreign Languages.
  • InOpen’s CM Everywhere Initiative – Utilize Open Source Potential to gain online
  • Community Support for making CM available in Ipad, Kindle, Android Devices, etc.
  • We wish to open company operated centers for Teacher and student learning activities. Generate E-Content for New Generation smart-phones and Tablets.

What Are Your Expected Take Aways From eIndia 2011?
Broader visibility with exposure to new and upcoming technologies. Opportunities for tie ups with various enterprises.

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3 Responses to InOpen Technologies

  1. As a student it was never exciting learning computers at school, looking at the new curriculum that Inopen has developed that is interactive and fun way to learn computer.

  2. Nikhil B L says:

    A perfect product to start computer learning with fun. Ease of operation, easy to learn, fun while learning, customised product for students from 1st to 7th. All in all, I reccomend schools to include Computer Masti in their computer teaching syllabus.

  3. Amita Sathe says:

    A very good product to start computer learning with fun. It is very easy to teach computers and to understand concepts.

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