InnovadorsLab Private Limited

Name of the Company: InnovadorsLab Private Limited
City: Bhubaneswar
State: Odisha
Country: India
Primary Shareholderss Of The Company : Mr.Kumar Devdutta , CEO InnovadorsLab

Details Of Product:
Product Name: 

Product/Industry Category: Maternal and child health

Brief Description Of Your Product/Service:
Voice4Health sends text messages and pre-recorded calls in local languages to the mobile phones of the rural health and nutrition workers containing reminders and advisory text. It also sends voice calls to the pregnant women and their families with timely, personalized and actionable advice on the health of mother and growing baby, food intake, danger signs, natal services and reminders on intake of iron tablets and tetanus, visits of health workers, among other aspects. Messages to health workers aimed to improve their timeliness, coverage and quality of services delivery, improve the capacity of their follow up and supervision by their supervisors like ANM, PHC Medical Officer and CDPO. By consulting the calls, beneficiaries and families are expected to follow key target MCH behaviors and improve their access to MCH services. Voice4Health’s messages to both the providers and beneficiaries on any given health topic aims to improve their interaction and coordination.

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?

  1. Almost all mHealth projects depend on SMS, whereas Voice4Hhealth aims to use voice to overcome the barrier of low literacy and low acceptance among the target population.
  2. Highly localized
  3. Research-based content development
  4. Personalised, based on the time and place of services being delivered.”

What Is The Need In The Market And How Does It Serve The Requirement?
The needs are:

  1. health workers: Reminding, motivation and practical advice to deliver basic MCH services
  2. Supervisor: Capacity to know whether the health worker has performed her given task or not in a timely manner
  3. Beneficiary: To able to receive the services in a timely manner”

What Is Your Target Segment?
For India:

  1. health workers: 700,000
  2. Supervisors: 100,000
  3. Beneficiary: 20 million”

What Is The Technology application Being Used?

  1. DBMS to store and manage the voice content
  2. Algorithm to trigger the voice alert
  3. GSM-based modem: To send voice calls and SMS

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue?

What Is The Proposed Business Model?
Implementation in PPP mode Pilot demonstration

Your Future Vision For The Company:
We intent to make the Lab the well-known mHealth implementing organization in India in 2 years time. We intend to work with key State governments, health departments, donors and health research organizations.

What Are Your Expected Take Aways From eINDIA 2011 ?
We intend to reach out to the participating delegates and make our products and offerings known to them.

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