Infosphere Information Technology Machines Pvt. Ltd

Name of the Company : Infosphere Information Technology  Machines Pvt. Ltd
Website :
City :Rajasthan
State : Rajasthan
Country: India
Primary ShareHolders of the Company: Prof.(Dr.) Santosh, Prof(Dr.) Anil Chaudhary

Detail of Product :
Name of Product :OLTP

Product/Industry Category: Education

Brief Description Of Your Product/Service :
Every year students keep getting smarter, faculties becoming more investigative and parents are so inquisitive. To match their curious minds, institute needs an intelligent IT infrastructure. This used to be a challenge for even the best educational institutions, until now. OLTP can help you upgrade your technology and infrastructure with integrated solutions that will exceed the expectations of even the brightest students and faculties and parents. Surely, the university’s time has come. Yet the one clear message, perhaps the only clear message, that can be derived from a perusal of the contemporary literature on the university its role, goals and future is that the university is in crisis. The university is variously described as: a ‘ruined institution’ , reduced to pursuit of a hollow and illusory ‘excellence’; it is an ‘attenuated’ institution struggling to deal with an ‘age of super complexity’; it is perhaps even a ‘dinosaur’ in a new networked environment which favors other, more recently evolved and more agile creatures. In all such accounts of the contemporary university and its future trajectories, one feature is common: that information and communication technologies, and above all the Internet, are a significant element of the current condition. If the university is to survive in a wired and networked world, then it too must ‘get with the program’ and move online and of course!! With OLTP. Based upon scenario and framework OLTP has been developed as complete ERP solution for academic institution especially targeted to engineering colleges. It has 14 modules developed in java language on IBM technology stack i.e. DB2 9.5, WAS7.0. The primary objective of the product is to facilitate students and faculty to get a robust and advanced atmosphere of learning. The product enables students to take up tests on various subjects and get to know their results very fast. The faculty at the same time could easily build their tests and publish them after approval from principal.

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?
Education services equally affected as World Wide Web has emerged as a new platform for modern business delivery in many other business areas, such as health, government, telecommunication and entertainment. The education area especially has developed the lessons and presented them on websites like MIT has open their lesson plan services for all. The OLTP (e-education) services system is a software instrument of which assists the learners, in fact all stakeholders’ of education system to gain more knowledge by them and long to support online learning. OLTP is a kind of an educational ERP- bundle of integrated educational services based upon web services, which can be offered through private cloud or a public cloud.

What Is The Need In The Market And How Does It Serve The Requirement?
Students spend ~32% of their time on avoidable and mundane administrative functions!! E.g. repeated filling of similar forms, finding information, standing in lines, registering, enrolling, paying, querying, answering, jostling for resources, etc. This could be utilized for value addition by using our product; OLTP

What Is Your Target Segment?
In business plan we are planning for all infosys campus connect affiliated colleges(approx 30 in nos) to target. And further we feel all engineering colleges are prospective customers, we first we would like to target infosys campus connect and others college of Rajasthan.

What Is The Technology application Being Used?
Its a J2EE based full fledged enterprise application on IBM stack i.e. Web Sphere Application Server and DB2 data base. IBM canada lab has verified this solution.

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue?

What Is The Proposed Business Model?
Let me share the entire story of this application, in 2004 we had signed up an agreement with Infosys’s campus connect programs, where infosys was rolling out 9 Industry Oriented IT modules to engineering colleges across the country. In that offering there is an examination & assessment activity. Initially all the colleges were conducting examination manually but we were very aggressive and developed this application for conducting examination and assessment on line. This approach we had taken to infosys and which has been appreciated and now Infosys has decided to make it mandatory to all colleges to conduct examination on line. But as a business policy or I don’t know due to what reason they haven’t recommended this application(ours) to colleges and suggested free software moodle( which is not scalable and has limited features) to conduct campus connect examination. Then we had a many discussion with infosys to promote our software, now they are in a process and assure we will think about it. And initially it was SUN stack (Glassfish and mysql DB) application, then we felt it should be built/migrated to a robust platform and has started to migrate to IBM stack and development is still in progress with some additional functionality. In that way now it’s a fully fledged Educational ERP on IBM technologies. In business plan we are all infosys campus connect affiliated colleges(approx 30 in nos) to target. And further we feel all engineering colleges are prospective customers, we first we would like to target infosys campus connect and others college of rajasthan.

Your Future Vision For The Company :
Building principled software solution forever.

What Are Your Expected Take Aways From eIndia 2011?
We are looking a sales partner for this application, as we are only in R&D development, so would be looking business partner(Sales) and of course finance partner for further development.

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