Ganit Gurooz

Name Of the Company: Ganit Gurooz
City: New Delhi
State: Delhi
Country: India
Primary Shareholders Of The Company: Dr. Atul Nischal, Ms. Simi Singh

Details Of Product:
Product Name:  Ganit Gurooz

Product/Industry Category:
Education/Teacher Training

Brief Description Of Your Product/Service:
Ganit Gurooz is a K12 math teacher empowerment company. Its mission is to improve the quality of K12 math education throughout India by empowering a transformation of all K12 math teachers from being “a teacher” to becoming “a lifelong learner”. The results are phenomenal even at a very early stage. Ganit Gurooz is already present in 440+ schools and 2200+ classrooms in 350+ cities across India. Within the first two years, we have bagged the Manthan Award South Asia 2010 for Innovation in eLearning for Teacher Training and the eASIA 2011 Award for the BEST ICT ENABLED TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM. Ganit Gurooz provides teachers opportunity to interact with mathematicians on its editorial board, thousands of free resources; knowledge about pedagogy of mathematics; opportunity to network with each other; and online certificate courses through a cloud based Virtual Learning Environment.

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?
Ganit Gurooz is India’s only purely online solution for professional development of K12 math teachers. The acceptability and penetration of Ganit Gurooz across India, provides a scalable solution that addresses the three most critical failure factors of the traditional ‘face-to-face” model – lack of scalability, lack of expert trainers, and unmanageable. Ganit Gurooz defines the future of in-service teacher training in India to which every organisation will conform sooner or later.

What Is The Need In The Market And How Does It Serve The Requirement?
Every K12 math teacher needs training to update her knowledge, develop better pedagogical skills and create an attitude that can mentor students into the 21st century knowledge economy. The big challenge is to deliver a continuous, comprehensive, constructive training to these teachers. The solution is to provide expert guidance and utilise the power of collaborative learning and knowledge creation among all teachers. This is what Ganit Gurooz delivers.

What Is Your Target Segment?
Ganit Gurooz targets more than 1.7 million math teachers employed in the government and private sector.

What Is The Technologyapplication Being Used?
Ganit Gurooz is a web-site that hosts all the resources. The online certificate programs are delivered through a cloud based virtual learning environment.

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue?

What Is The Proposed Business Model?
The revenue model primarily focuses on short and long term online courses for K12 math teachers, teacher trainers, and future teachers. From several 3 month certificate courses priced at less than Rs. 5000 each to a 2 year degree program to create master trainers priced at about Rs. 2,00,000 Ganit Gurooz will cover the entire range of attitude, skills and knowledge development requirement of the math teacher community.

Your Future Vision For The Company:
Our vision for Ganit Gurooz is to be the largest K12 math organisation in India with business interests across the globe wherever the quality of math instruction or learning needs to be improved.

What Are Your Expected Take Aways From Eindia 2011 ?
A seed investment of about Rs. 50 crores to build and scale Ganit Gurooz.

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