Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Company Name : Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Company Website :
City : Thiruvananthapuram
State : Kerala
Country : India
Primary Shareholderss Of The Company :
Mr. Siddeek Ahmed, Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. M.S. Vinod, Executive Director
Mr. Sajith Kumar KV, Director
Mr. Manohar Varghese, Director
Mr. Abhilash R, Director
Mr. Asaf Mohammed, Director

Details Of Product:
Product Name :
Delight Bharath

Product/Industry Category : Sanitation, Waste Management and Water Treatment

Brief Description Of Your Product/Service :
Delight Bharath (Patent Pending) is India’s first electronic public toilet. The objective of Delight is to create a paradigm shift in public sanitation, provide decent public sanitation facilities with high levels of hygiene and add to location’s aesthetics ensuring sustainability, income and employment generation. Coin insertion opens the door for user, switches on light followed by audio commands. The toilets flush 1.5 liters water for 3-minutes use and 4.5 liters for longer use. Automatic platform cleaning can be programmed after every 5/10 uses. In terms of invention, Delight stands incomparable as it can be made operational sans manpower. The integration of unmanned technology is empowered with operation tracking facilities via web-mobile technologies. Delight units installed at various locations can be audited daily via usage pattern reports and customer feedback. Remote monitoring and shutdown is possible in case of errors. Delight can treat wastes using bio-membrane reactor and water recycling method.

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?
Delight Bharath is the first of its kind in India in public sanitation. Technology intervention has not been used in India in sanitation sector. Delight is a hybrid model synergizing technologies in Electronics, Mechanical, IT for a very cost effective and modular solution. Delight incorporates unique advertisement revenue model ensuring the unit’s sustainability and enhances the ambience. It is India’s First Public Toilet system which has integrated Customer Support Division.

What Is The Need In The Market And How Does It Serve The Requirement?
Inadequate sanitation facilities, poor hygiene and lack of self-sustainable sanitation model have been major drawbacks found in traditional sanitation system. Delight addresses inherent challenges of public sanitation. In a perfect situation, a public toilet should have capabilities to address cleanliness, waste management, effective water usage and sustainability. Delight is positioned as perfect solution addressing these effectively; it is 24/7 clean, cost-effective, appropriate and suitable for geographic/demographic patterns of any location.

What Is Your Target Segment?
The target segment is the General Public as Delight offers an aesthetic sanitation environment. It also provides sustainable sanitation infrastructure for Large Corporates, Infrastructure Developers, Schools, Corporations and Municipalities.

What Is The Technologyapplication Being Used?
Portable Design Automatic Payment Collection Automatic Door Opening Self-Monitoring Remote Shutdown User Alerts Automatic Closet Washing & Platform Cleaning Power Backup GPRS Alerts to Control Room Emergency Exit Web-Mobile Reports

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue?

What Is The Proposed Business Model?
Delight works on sustainable revenue models of user fee (coin) collection and revenue generated through advertisements. This amount collected is used for further maintenance and cleaning of units. There are multiple revenue models, including outright purchase by local bodies, a sponsored model involving CSR funding, and an entrepreneurship model where the entrepreneur can have a parallel revenue stream by getting advertisements on the exterior panels of the unit.

Your Future Vision For The Company :
This vision of our Company is to renovate the existing public sanitation system and make available state-of-the-art infrastructure for the public. At present, our R&D facility is engaged in developing higher-end versions of Delight. We are also focusing on R&D in Sewage Treatment, River Cleaning, Vertical Transportation and Personal Security.

What Are Your Expected Take Aways From Eindia 2011 ?
We work in highly neglected sanitation sector, providing people with state-of-the-art sanitation facilities that suit any ultra-modern backdrop. Winning eINDIA Award will give us large-scale exposure to prospective investors and decision-makers, access to constructive criticisms and opinions of leading experts and an opportunity to showcase Delight to a larger audience.

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