Adroitec Engineering For U Pvt. Ltd.

Company Website :
City : New Delhi
State : Delhi
Country : India
Primary Shareholderss Of The Company : Saroop Chand, Mahesh Chand, Dr. S. Mohamed Nabi

Details Of Product:
Product Name
: 3DM ClassRoom

Product/Industry Category : Higher Education Sector

Brief Description Of Your Product/Service :
3DM ClassRoom is an innovative and illustrative visual-rich accelerated teaching aid. It has Texts aptly embedded with 2D Pictures conforming to prescribed syllabus, supplemented fully with Industrial practices and real-life application in 3D Visual for quick and easy comprehension. It saves considerable time of the faculty demonstrating the concepts and reduces teacher’s time in content preparation. 3DMClassRoom supports non-linear teaching method for the teacher to navigate thru any topic of the subject instantly. It does not have any audio and the teacher is compelled to explain, leading to better engagement and interaction in the ClassRoom.

3DMClassRoom, authored by eminent professors and subject experts, is modularly structured enabling easy assembling for adaptation to specific requirement of every University.
The content also provides additional knowledge on the subject relevant to Engineering Concepts and applications to enhance skill development. 3DMClassRoom focuses both on examination and employability facilitating students coming from different environment and Industry_Ready.

How Is Your Product Unique From Others In The Field?

  1. Animations of real-world applications are seamlessly embedded into the curriculum along with texts, 2D pictures and exercises, facilitating easy understanding of concepts and its applications – virtually bringing Industry into Classroom.
  2. High Quality Contents facilitating standardization – modularly structured for easy adaptation to requirement of every University
  3. Supports non-linear teaching method for the teacher to navigate thru any topic instantly.
  4. Reduces Language barrier
  5. Highly User-friendly

What Is The Need In The Market And How Does It Serve The Requirement?
National Knowledge Commission (NKC) report emphasizes issues of quality of teaching and dearth of well-qualified faculty in engineering education which plays critical role in the emergence of our country as a global knowledge leader. 3DMClassRoom, as a teaching-cum-learning aid, conforms to the recommendation of NKC through innovative use of ICT by leveraging the contents authored by eminent professors to bring-in requisite standards and diversity in engineering curriculum with 3D animations

What Is Your Target Segment?
Engineering Institutes including polytechnics and students and artisans for skill development both in India and other countries, espicially developing countries

What Is The Technology application Being Used?
Information and communication technology (ICT) – 2D and 3D animations including CAD / CAM Models and industry applications relevant to the Engineering concepts, fundamentals and principles

Is The Product Currently Generating Revenue?

What Is The Proposed Business Model?
3DM ClassRoom is presently targeted at college / Institutes of various Universities in India as a teacher aid to be used by faculty Members and simultaneously install in Libraries for use by students. Both  perpetual license with AMC during subsequent years for free updates and Annual license models are also in vogue. Students’ model through internet on payment of nominal fee per subject per semester is proposed later

Your Future Vision For The Company :
To be a leading entity providing a stimulating visual-rich learning and effective knowledge transfer environment to Education and Industry sectors, through innovative technology solutions and thus be an agent of social change to breed industry-ready youth of higher order productivity commensurate with the needs of the 21st century globalized world.

What are your Expected Take – Aways from eINDIA 2011? 

  1. To exhibit our product features as the best solution for capacity-building of high-quality resources by bridging the gap between Industry and ClassRoom
  2. To propagate 3DMClassRoom, as a tool, building excellence in Engineering Education to meet Global knowledge challenges.
  3. To showcase our business potential to VCs and technocrats

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