Nominations :: Champion Innovators’ Awards

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  1. SLS Energy :: eCOMMANDER
  2. LinkSmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. :: smartDNA – Content Verification
  3. Anaya Labs :: Protean
  4. VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd. :: Interactive Web based Video Communication Streaming Solution
  5. Ganit Gurooz :: Ganit Gurooz
  6. InnovadorsLab Private Limited :: Voice4Health
  7. SHArP Edge Learning :: SHArP Class
  8. Mobisir Technologies Private Limited :: Mobile learning platform for the following: 1.mXams: Assessment and test preparation 2.Language Learning: pilots with researchers and educators 3.Distance Learning : pilot with universities
  9. Adroitec Engineering For U Pvt. Ltd :: 3DM ClassRoom
  10. Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd. :: Delight Bharath
  11. Next Gen Paper Solutions Pvt Ltd :: kleeto-consumer, kleeto-corporate, kleeto-HR.
  12. Artoo IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. :: Artoo Slate
  13. My2i Media! Foundation :: 
  14. Notehall India :: Notehall India
  15. Jaro Institute of Technology, Management & Research Pvt. Ltd. :: International MBA program 
  16. Maag Fuel Saving :: Maag Fuel Saver
  17. Infosphere Information Technology  Machines Pvt. Ltd :: OLTP
  18. Ayruz Web Holdings :: Wordzo
  19. Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation :: Sampoorna Panchayat Workflow Automation and Community Portal (IndiGRP) and Transparent Citizen Center
  20. InOpen Technologies :: Computer Masti
  21. SLVG Inc. :: Conluence Operating System
  22. IE Education Private Limited :: EdUPC
  23. KiwiQA Services P Ltd :: Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services
  24. MyClassboard Educational Solutions Pvt. Ltd. :: MyClassboard Fully Online School Management System
  25. Learning Revolution Private Limited :: Activated Learning – a learning solution that helps EVERY learner achieve same high level of mastery

Visit eINDIA 2011 website

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3 Responses to Nominations :: Champion Innovators’ Awards

  1. Ishvinder says:


  2. santoshkumar says:

    the gulbarga university of the digital lab has given to us lots of benefit of the using of these facility and the digital lab has bring to us lots knowledge and lots of the currentafferes and we have to utilize the whole things what they have get us . we have to try to understand the whole knowledge throught the digital lab . that’s it

  3. rajesh kumar says:

    the gulbarga university is so beautful and they have get us lots of knowledge us like . we are very happy to joining the gulbarga university digital lab

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